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10 Days to go

Thea Rowe


We reported in our trends of 2021 about the rise of the neighbourhoods, and we’ve seen this trend to continue to grow throughout the year.

There’s few better examples then our letting to Josh Katz for his new ‘grown up’ concept Carmel on Lonsdale Road, Queens Park.

Marketing of 25 Lonsdale Road commenced midway through 2020 and we received offers from multiple best in class occupiers coming out the other side of the first lockdown. This further heightened our awareness of the popularity of the London neighbourhoods.

Our clients, Akoya ownership has been a truly positive one and Lonsdale Road is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

There’s further plans for Lonsdale Road with public realm enhancement works due to start in the new year.

Watch this space for more exciting announcements for f&b on Lonsdale Road…

Carmel opened just a few weeks ago and are a fantastic addition to the street and neighbours including Milk Beach. If you haven’t been already, this is one to visit.

  • Photo credit Carmel
Photo credit Carmel
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