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12 Days to go

Tracey Pollard


The evolution of the retail and restaurants @ haysontheriver_Se1 got underway this year with a summer pop up run by the wonderful team at Bermonseybarkitchen.

Due to its continued success, it has morphed twice, once into an autumn designed pop up and now into the most stunning festive winter bar.  Covered by the beautiful, glassed roof, it’s “rain proof” outside seating really is the perfect place for drinks @Christmas2021.

This is a great example of a pop up being used to place make and set a tone for the future F&B lettings within the Estate. Throughout the year, the bar has been busy attracting a new demographic to Hays Galleria, which further highlights the massive opportunity available to those brands looking to expand on the Southbank.

There are several sites at Hays Galleria for new restaurants in 2022, which seem fitting, as The Galleria is located on the site of a brew house dating back to 1651. This was then converted into a Wharf in 1840 which was nicked names the “Larder of London” as it saw 80% of the dry produce imported to London passing through the Wharf. It therefore feels rights that we are looking to bring more great quality food and drink back to the heart of Hays Galleria.

The instruction at London Bridge is a good example of how the BGP teams work together and for further information with regard new opportunities for retail, restaurant and leisure please contact @Tracey Pollard and @Sophie Moorcroft.

And for more information on our lease consultancy please contact and

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