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Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles

Recently dubbed, by GQ as ‘The Coolest Street in America’

by Nigel Gillingham


"This street restores your faith in independent retail"

This is an absolute ‘must see’ for the wannabe retail expert going to LA!  This relatively long and standard, narrow two-sided street is home to some very cool independent brands. My favourite is Junk Food which has just opened and is a fabulous store fit-out selling urban unisex fashion.

Recently dubbed, by GQ as ‘The Coolest Street in America’ we can see why Toms opened their flagship concept store here. Toms is a great example of a concept store, the space acts as both a coffee shop, a hang out for the super cool of Abott Kinney and a retail hub for its foot and eye wear ranges. Selling local goods and hosting a variety of events from yoga, coffee tasting to jenga tournaments, Toms treats customers like welcome house-guests. Founder, Blake Mycoskie, reportedly commented that he wanted Toms be more than a store, for it to be a community, adding that building a community around a brand is much more important than marketing – and from the way this store buzzed, I cannot help but agree.

Loads of art galleries and cool restaurants are dotted along Abott Kinney Boulevard including Gilano’s  for brunch and a spattering of international brands including Kate Spade, Aesop and Gant Rugger.  This street restores your faith in independent retail when you move away from the big malls and Beverley Hills bling!

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