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Alo Yoga, New York

New York's one stop shop for yogis

by Charlotte Roberts


"a fantastic space to share ideas and connect with like-minded individuals over kombucha"

I’m no yogi, but like everybody else, could always do with a bit of peace and quiet.  So on a recent trip to New York, I found myself in Alo Yoga (on the pretext of checking out the clothes, you understand!)

This 15,000 sq ft corner of solace and mindfulness is very well placed amidst the intense chaos of New York City life, and is LA-based Alo Yoga’s first east coast store.  Opening last June, this is their 4th store in the States and, in homage to current trends it provides so much more than just a retail experience.

An all encapsulating brand, each Alo Yoga one-stop-shop offers a fantastic space to share ideas and connect with like-minded individuals over kombucha, organic coffee or even a bite to eat from their 100% organic offering.  So not only are they a clothing/fitness store, they also offer a vast array of classes at their in-store studios, food, drink and perhaps most importantly, space, tranquility and escapism from life’s stresses.

A true social media darling, Alo Yoga started life as a yoga-wear brand and has spring-boarded from an Instagram and YouTube presence, to a real player in US athleisure market.  I was relieved to find stylish yet functional clothing that I could wear at home, on the street, in the gym or indeed at yoga (should I ever go!) and came away with several items.

From sunny and free living California to the busy streets of Manhattan, Alo Yoga is versatile and adaptive, showing the importance of yoga, peace and tranquility in our lives, as well as in the retail market.

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