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Benamôr, Lisbon

One of Portugal's oldest and most beloved beauty brands

by Millie Edwards


"The store is full of colour but it is the products that create this"

As a company we are forever seeking out the latest trends, innovation and unique concepts which we can take inspiration from, this we partly achieve through regularly visiting other cities and countries around the world.  Most recently, our travels took us to Lisbon; Portugal’s coastal capital and one of the oldest cities in the world, predating London, Paris and Rome.

One of the oldest cosmetics stores in Lisbon; Benamôr, was founded in 1925 earning the reputation of being one of Portugal’s most beloved beauty brands, yet is still relatively unknown to the UK.

The store itself is unassuming from outside. Its solid stone frontage and large window are beautiful, but it isn’t until you take a look inside where you appreciate its modern, monochrome interior, rustic wooden pillars and historic arches, reflecting the simple yet warm feeling of Lisbon.  The black and white patterned tiles, work in harmony with the white wooden cupboards, white marble worktops and pendant lighting. The store is full of colour but it is the products that create this, cleverly using the monochrome interior to showcase and enhance its products.

Since adopting its art deco branding from conception, its iconic style, bright colours and patterns which adorn its packaging have remained the same. Commonly, brands try to evolve their cosmetics to fit with the ever-demanding consumer, but Benamôr have always had belief in what they offer and many of their products remain the same as when they were first created. The brand offers a refreshing contrast to ever-changing clinical brands we know too well in London.

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