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BGP Connects EP3

Lucy McGowan-Scanlon


We’ve seen an acceleration in the number of pop-ups in the last 18 months, with many Landlords now more open to considering shorter lease terms, this maybe as a result of the increase in voids, an understanding of the power of their marketing potential or as part of a rates mitigation strategy.

From a brands perspective, pop-ups provide a great opportunity to expand their reach, particularly as digital coverage has become so competitive, as well as allowing them to showcase new products, so we are seeing a wealth of interest in our pop-up opportunities.

Lucy McGowan-Scanlon worked with several BGP clients to secure exciting pop-up tenants and for Episode 3 of BGP Connects she talks to Laura Fernie and Tom Atkinson from TFL.

Well ahead of the trend, TFL were pioneers of the pop-up with the activation of Old Street Roundabout in 2014, so Laura and Tom offered a valuable insight into the merits of this developing sector.

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