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Bruce Gillingham Pollard announces its latest initiative – The launch of a bespoke Pop-Up team

Tracey Pollard


Lucy McGowan-Scanlon join’s Bruce Gillingham Pollard as Head of Pop-Ups after 2 years at Debenhams. Lucy worked on both long term leases and lead on all of their pop-up activity across 40 stores.  Projects included supporting on the introduction of Café de Pierre (Caffe Concerto) and working with Sweet Potato Spirit Company as they expanded from 5 to 25 pop-ups.

Lucy says “Pop-ups have never had more relevance on the high street than in the current climate as a means to drum up consumer interest, drive footfall and increase dwell time. It is an opportunity for up and coming brands to showcase themselves and given the rent terms, trial different markets and for Landlords to activate their spaces in a way that could rejuvenate the surrounding area. Consumers are now overly familiar with carbon copy high streets and this is the perfect way to create a feeling of change and newness. I am really excited to support our Landlords in a change of approach and look forward to working with the tenants to help bring awareness to and grow their brands”.

Lucy will work across our portfolio of estates and instructions, focusing primarily in London and the Home Counties, with a remit to expand nationally in 2021.

Managing Director Tracey Pollard says,

“Lucy’s retail background brings another dynamic to our business and her insight will be vital to the future success of this initiative. We have long been advocates of pop-ups, as they allow a landlord to test a sector or a potential brand, without full scale commitment from either party. This can create a point of difference and a renewed energy to a shopping destination.

In the current trading environment, pop-ups have never been so important to our clients but the economics of delivering pop up operators which also fit within a tenant mix strategy can be a challenge for agents. Therefore, we firmly believe a dedicated resource, sourcing targeted tenants for pop-up opportunities will prove a vital resource for our clients to navigate the new era of retail.“

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