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Clean Market, New York

The perfect tonic for the life of the New Yorker

by Rupert Bentley-Smith


Perhaps it’s the laid back life of LA which she tries to encapsulate within the concrete jungle"

Since July 2018, amongst the high density and high energy of Midtown East there has existed a calming wellness space, offering various antidotes to the stress of daily life in Midtown.

Clean Market offers a new depth and variety to wellbeing, its services including; high tech IV drips (in collaboration with NutriDrip), cryotherapy and infrared saunas, alongside a food and tonic bar.  The founder Lily Kunin is the original creator of the website Clean Food Dirty City and also author of the cookbook Good Clean Food: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Everyday.  A Los Angeles native, Kunin is a health coach and the mastermind behind the whole concept. Perhaps it’s the laid back life of LA which she is trying to encapsulate within the concrete jungle that is New York. With a belief in bio-individuality (meaning there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and lifestyle), Kunin has definitely applied this ethos with the variance of services and products on offer.

The space is clearly designed with calmness in mind, a very light environment with plenty of wood and stone, and a huge amount of greenery; intended to totally change your state of mind once you through the door. The configuration is put together in a way that allows you to relax as you move through the space. The tonic bar is perfectly situated at the front of the store to service its own clients as well as their neighbours: Soul Cycle and Equinox.

The menu seeks to elevate drinks to a superfood level with a highly trained team ready to guide you, and customise food and drink where necessary so to enhance energy, cognitive function and reduce stress.  This is not your average health bar, the options available include medical-grade supplements, backed by clinicals and only stocked by a medical doctor.

In summary, Clean Market is the perfect tonic for the life of the New Yorker.

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