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Diversity of Instructions

Emily Dumbell


One of the key strengths of Bruce Gillingham Pollard, is our range of clients and the diversity of the projects we work on. These instructions stretch from standalone shops and restaurant units, to large development projects nationwide. We work on established shopping centres, as well as successful Estates and our portfolio of projects stretch right the way from Zone 1 prime luxury districts, to market towns and key national cities such as Edinburgh and Cardiff.

This strength has become even more pronounced and relevant during the last 12 months, as many City Centres have seen the impact of office workers remaining at home and a lack of international tourists. In the meantime we have seen neighbourhood villages, market towns and out of town parks often thrive, as people are keen to eat and shop local. As a direct result of our range of instructions, we have been able to continue engagement access to the narrow band of tenants who remain active in the market and ensure there is cross fertilisation of ideas and relationships throughout our team which has benefited all of our instructions.

As we start the beginning of a New Year, we continue to see strong interest from tenants, looking to capitalise on the changes in consumer behaviour, with strong interest from food stores, fitness and wellness concepts and restaurants seeking to open in neighbourhood locations such as St Johns Wood, Dulwich Village, Queens Park, Ealing, Notting Hill and Brixton. One trend which has been interesting to observe, is the shift in locations being sought be restaurant operators. Many pre Covid wanted central West End locations, but have now reassessed their priorities and appreciate the relevance of residential deliveries and a local neighbourhood customer.

Our ability to reach potential tenants and share contacts and ideas across our team, is an important element of the success of our business and allows us to provide sound and relevant advice to both our leasing clients and our investment colleagues, allowing them to target locations which are vibrant and sustainable for the long term on behalf of  their investment clients.

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