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Karavan, Budapest

Simple food court concept with international cuisine in the Hungarian capital

by Harry Atcherley-Symes


"you’re left questioning where you are"

I had a great first trip to Budapest in Hungary this summer and the city really surpassed my expectations. Whilst renown as a historical city and stunning old architecture to boot, the city also has its fair share of fun, vibrant youth culture and nowhere better illustrates this than outdoor food court ‘Karavan’.

Karavan is located on Kazinczy Street next to the famous Szimpla and is a small food court offering a wide range of International street food options. From local delicacies offering a taste of the Hungarian countryside, to an authentic Pad Thai giving a taste of Thailand you’re left questioning where you are as each separate trailer offers different international traditional dishes.

Not only attracting tourists and passersby, the Hungarian locals also love the food and the lively vibe. With outdoor seating, lantern lights and colourful campervans, the atmosphere fits perfectly to the already buzzing neighbourhood. The secluded collection of food trucks gets very busy during lunch hours due to both tourists and workers coming to experience various tastes and flavours. Although affordable, I would not just recommend to those travelling on a budget as really this is an essential local experience as much as a place to grab a bite!

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