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La Maison Plisson, Paris

A concept store in the French capital, entirely dedicated to the pleasure of eating

by Tracey Pollard


"I‘ll know I’ve made it in life if I have a larder that looks as stunning as these shelves"

On my latest trip to Paris, I was lucky enough to come across Maison Plisson, quite simply the most beautiful general food store I’ve ever found; a fresh and unique celebration of food.  Spread over 5,000 sq ft, on 2 floors, it is a fresh market, a wine cellar, a delicatessen and a restaurant.  There is literally everything any foodie could need or want.  Their mantra is to select all products according to naturalness, seasonality and taste, and this is consistent across grocery and the restaurant.

They also pledge to work only with local producers and are wholly organic. There is a stunning selection colourful fresh fruit and veg, which look like they’ve just been dug up, tomatoes that smell like tomatoes and the veggies aren’t all regular in shape and size. There’s a patisserie, breads, meats, chocolate, wine, cheese, and a fabulous selection of savoury tarts, soups and salads can be taken away. Perfect for a romantic picnic in the Marais district where the store is located.

Freshness is reflected in the interior design, which is light, with beautiful planting and pots on the external terrace echoing its freshness.  Dry Produce is beautifully lined up in uniformed simplicity and stylish packaging means the shelves reflect the most beautiful Instagram larder (I‘ll know I’ve made it in life if I have a larder that looks as stunning as these shelves!) Maison Plisson, please come to London and save our shelves!

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