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Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

One of the world's leading gastronomic markets

by Nigel Gillingham


"the whole of Spain is right here, just waiting to be tasted"

When Mercado de San Miguel first opened its doors 100 years ago, it was as a wholesale food market.  Today, this beautiful old building has become one of the world’s main gastronomic markets and one of Madrid’s treasures.  If you want to get a flavour of every type of food Spain has to offer, then this is the place to come – just make sure you don’t eat first!

Comprising more than 20 different stands the attention to detail and commitment to really fine, high quality food is exceptional.  From the finest Iberian ham and freshest fish and shellfish brought in daily from Galicia, to Mediterranean rice dishes and the most exquisite cheeses from Castile, Asturias and the Basque Country, the whole of Spain is right here, just waiting to be tasted.

The market is open every day until midnight and until 1am at weekends – perfect for a proper dose of Spain’s night culture and they also have a brilliant array of activities to choose from;  from masterclasses in specific types of food, to talks on nutrition, cheese and wine tasting and cocktail making – it really is a fantastic destination for a delicious night out.

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