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Palomar, London

A modern Jerusalem menu and creative, crazy environment

by Nigel Gillingham


"The tiny open plan kitchen serves some of the most exciting combination of flavours I've ever had"

Chefs from Jerusalem’s coolest restaurant Machneyrda have not disappointed with The Palomar at 34 Rupert Street, London. Following its opening in May 2014, this restaurant seems to have received nothing but positive praise. The modern Jerusalem menu and the creative, crazy environment is inspiring and the non stop showmanship, theatre and energy must be motivated by its Israeli born owners who previously ran a night club.

The restaurant is tiny with just 16 seats around the kitchen arranged at the front of the restaurant, a tiny holding bar/corridor and a dining room which seats just 40 at the rear. It’s cramped, its hot and the kitchen is compromised operationally but boy is it good. The tiny open plan kitchen serves some of the most exciting combination of flavours I have ever had, all beautifully presented. The menu is focused on sharing plates encouraging dialogue and wonderment at what combination of ingredients are contain in each dish. Whether the food comes from the Raw bar, Stove, Jasper or Plancha, it is all faultless.

Often a restaurant will win on its food but it is let down on its service but Palomar wins on both fronts, its staff can only be applauded. They look like they are truly having a ball, with quirky hats and a detailed  knowledge of each dish, it is all backed up by the biggest of smiles and lots of laughter. I’ve not experienced Tel Aviv’s party scene but if Palomar is an example of what its like, I’m booking my flight now.

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