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Founder, Holly Anna Scarsella

interviewed by Emily Spencer


"We can't wait to see our brand brought to life through a store"

Born from a love of people watching the most glamorous women of the Riviera. Pampelone is the epitome of effortless chic beachwear style.

As a young startup, what has been the hardest thing to deal with?

The fact that it never stops…ever. I sometimes describe the feeling as being on a treadmill and not being able to get off. It’s relentless when you’re building a brand, but also the best thing I’ve ever done.

The business started life on the internet, does the internet make it easier for new brands to develop due to limitless exposure or is it harder as there is no room for mistakes?

Both. The barriers to entry are very low, therefore it’s very easy for anyone to launch a brand, however the internet is a very big place. In order to get noticed you have to work a LOT harder to reach your customers. I also think it’s the same with Social Media. We’re so lucky in this generation that we have these incredible marketing tools, but they have to be used correctly and intelligently to work.

The products are beautifully designed how do you ensure consistency as you grow the brand?

We put a huge amount of time, effort and budget into getting our collections just right. We speak to our customers regularly and carry out a lot of research to check we’re on the right path. From a consistency and quality perspective, we actually have team members on the ground in India overseeing our manufacturing process. This is KEY for us in ensuring all our products reach us in perfect condition.

Do standalone retail units feature in the growth plan for the business?

Absolutely! We’re actually planning a boutique in Notting Hill/ Chelsea over the next few years. We do small pop-ups currently worldwide, but can’t wait to see our brand brought to life through a store.

What are your current plans for your brand?

In the coming season, we have some very exciting plans. We are launching our first ever children’s collection in conjunction with m2m charity, and we are also launching an exclusive pair of sunglasses…watch this space!

Your one piece of advice for anyone considering starting a high end fashion brand?

Be tenacious and be smart in all aspects of the business. Spend time perfecting your product but always remember that marketing is key. There is no point having the best product in the world if no one knows about it…

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