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Panzer’s Delicatessen, London

A local anchor breathing new life into the community

by Emily Dumbell


"the transformation of a local institution which is once again the beating heart of St Johns Wood"

Panzer’s Deli underwent a refurbishment at the end of 2017 and the result is the transformation of a local institution which is once again at the beating heart of St Johns Wood life.  Originally established in 1943, the ailing store was bought by local man David Josephs 3 years ago, and is now firmly established within the local community once more.  Josephs grew up going to Panzer’s every Sunday for smoked salmon and bagels and was very keen to keep his family tradition alive!

Panzer’s makes grocery shopping exciting, interesting and importantly for the High Street draws frequent footfall and spend.  The result is a store which is continually busy, has a great atmosphere and becomes the kind of place you’d like to run yourself!

Panzer’s has an amazing selection of groceries and produce; bakery, deli, sandwich and lunch station, store cupboard essentials, fresh fruit and vegetables.  You name it you can find it; from Russian ice cream, Japanese sushi and Italian pasta to exotic fruit and veg, a sumptuous cheese counter and plenty of treats from home for the local American community.  The stunning florist display at the front of the store alongside the fresh fruit draws the eye and then once inside everything is beautifully presented.  There are knowledgeable staff to help with any question and help select produce or flowers with you.

Oh and did I mention, the people watching is fantastic and the food delicious?  See you there!

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