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Six d.o.g.s Garden, Athens

An amazing subterranean urban hang out

by Mike Ingall


"An oasis amongst the cement filled city of Athens"

The great thing about economic disruption is that the creatives get to have a say and none more so than in Athens where the green shoots in the F&B world have reached this once great City. The area around Monastiraki on the way to Psirri is starting to resemble the all too familiar city hipster zones. However, in this city it seems the gay community could be leading it to better things, and several of the cooler spots and the newly trading independents leading the show appear to be that way inclined.

We didn’t dwell at the door of Six d.o.g.s to find out, it is simply too good, we dived straight in to this amazing subterranean urban hang-out. You enter through a garage, and end up in a world of Babylon gardens, tiered against historic buildings and historic walls, where indoor outdoor event spaces buzz around a garden of surprise.

Six d.o.g.s and the Garden started  in 2010, and has evolved ever since. It is a charismatic 600 m2 outdoor café and bar and event venue in Athens. Located within a 5 minute walk from Onastiraki metro,  n the edge of the Psirri district, the garden is accessible via a dirty side road leading you into what you think will be Stelios’s lock up, but then a neon sign directs you down the stairs to a place that genuinely is a secret hideout and is surrounded by charmingly dilapidated old buildings.

The intervention in the garden of the six d.o.g.s. cultural centre in Athens, returns the site to its natural state. The garden’s focus is on space and merging a popular all day café bar , but a night time place to be, within a natural setting. The wooden bar and furniture plus simple lights hanging from the trees makes for a tranquil space, an oasis amongst the cement filled city of Athens –it is a sophisticated version of a ‘ruin bar’. The space is home to a number of great events including live music, theatre, parties, club nights, and much more. As a local it is a place for taking time out, as a tourist you feel like you are part of something secret and exciting – it is well worth a visit.

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