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Spazio Armani, Milan

The italian super-brand's hometown flagship

by Thea Rowe


"This store symbolises Armani’s incredibly strong brand presence"

Having spent a few hours wandering the streets around the Duomo amongst the pigeons and tourists, it was a complete delight to wonder down the leafy streets of Via Montenapoleone, the most famous street of the fashion district. Large multi level stores line the avenue from Valentino and Celine to Cartier and Hermes. Glamorous Italian ladies draped in silver fox, with their large black sunglasses sashay through the stores whilst the chauffeur waits patiently outside. This street oozes Italian glamour and quite rightly so.

On the far end of Via Montenapoleone, anchoring this luxury street sits Spazio Armani, the Armani multi concept flagship store.  It covers three floors and a total surface area of 11,646 ft².  This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Giorgio Armani brand and to mark this milestone the store has been re- designed by Giorgio Armani himself and his team of architects.

The ground floor is dedicated to womenswear (apparel and accessories), the floor above to menswear and the top floor is reserved for “made to measure”, with suits from the men’s collection. Further to this, the store showcases his beauty collection, homeware, a book store and the Armani Café. This store symbolises Armani’s incredibly strong brand presence and with its recent refurb and brand anniversary we can see that Armani only looks to the future!  What better year to visit Milan then the year of one of its most famous designer’s major anniversary.

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