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Founder, Jeremy Simmonds

interviewed by Alex Mann


"Our audience want to be entertained and participate in the experience"

Founded by the Institute of Competitive Socialising, Swingers is based on a 1920’s golf-club set in the English countryside. Swingers takes crazy golf, street food & amazing drinks combining them all into one incredible social experience

At what point did the idea turn from a concept into a reality?

We tested our concept via a pop-up in Shoreditch. We put this together very quickly with the purpose of testing the demand and building a customer database. As soon as we opened the doors to the pop-up it felt like the Institute of Competitive Socialising was born.

What have been the main contributors to your brands success?

An obsessive attention to detail, genuine passion for what we are doing and lastly a healthy dose of good fortune.

Where have your biggest influences come from?

We are hugely inspired by immersive theatre. We see ourselves as much as a stage set as a food and beverage operation. We are also massive admirers of the original Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. They manage to deliver so many elements with amazing attention to detail and the place feels so authentic.

You set up with your business partner, Matt, what would your advice be to any other entrepreneurs thinking of starting up together?

Obviously work through the detail but there comes a time when you just have to take the plunge and get on with it. You will only know whether you have a great concept or idea by making it a reality. I really believe in starting small, learning and going fast.

Where do you see the brand being in ten years time?

Hopefully a group of renowned competitive socialising venues across major global cities. Quality and creativity are what we strive for, not as many venues as possible.

What are the current trends in the marketplace and do you see this changing anytime soon?

We believe the biggest trend, that our whole business is predicated on, is the desire of our audience to go out and have something more to do than just eat and drink. Our audience want to be entertained, participate in the experience and be transported to another world. We believe in an increasingly high paced and digital world this trend is global and here to stay.

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