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The Apartment by The Line, New York

An unassuming entrance in Soho leads to a trove of unique products.

by Nigel Gillingham


"a living space that anyone would aspire to reside in"

The Apartment is the joint innovation of Creative Director Morgan Wendelborn and stylist du jour Vanessa Traina. The group brings together a collection of extremely well-compiled lifestyle products presented in the setting of an unassuming Apartment. The entrance is via a self-effacing entrance that sits amongst high profile and luxury fashion brands within the heart of New York’s Soho.

An elevator located directly at street level delivers you to a third floor world of eye–catching pieces, during fairly selective trading hours, or by appointment only; this is secondary space in the extreme. It is a fairly ‘typical’ 1600 sq. ft. Soho Loft space, designed to represent a living space that anyone would aspire to reside in.

It’s targeted at the well travelled, the understated, and those who like nothing more than to indulge in the constant search for the most interesting curation of lifestyle ‘objects’ and homewares. An original concept with a definite individuality, with a coordinated e-commerce platform (beginning life as an online retailer), and enough appeal to sit within the ever-changing retail landscape today.

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