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The Good Life Eatery

Co-founder, Yasmine Larizadeh

interviewed by Thea Rowe


"People are a lot more aware about the effects of the way we eat"

Co-founders, Yasmine Larizadeh & Shirin Kouros met through their fathers to bring something new fresh & healthy to London’s food scene. More than just an eatery, Good Life Eatery encourages us to eat better, healthier and happier with an array of all day options.

As an entrepreneur at such an early age, will you ever be able to work for anyone else?

One of the main reasons I started my own business is because I’ve always had a mild issue with authority, and to be honest I definitely think that was a large push towards me starting my own business. I do think that if it were a case to improve my skill set, I would be more than willing to take direction from someone with more experience. For example, right now we have an investor that is mentoring us through the growth and expansion of our business and I actually have to say working with her has been one of the most inspiring and enlightening learning experiences I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of.

Where have your biggest influences come from?

Our mothers, our Iranian heritage and our general obsession with food.

What have been the main contributors to your brands success?

Hard work and drive, social media and a wonderful team.

How have the mix of operators and the local residents had an effect on your business?

I really enjoy the surrounding local neighbourhoods that we are currently based in, operators and residents included! I think the harmony between our brand and these locals hubs, have only had a positive effect in regards to our trade and I truly feel like The Good Life Eatery is slowly embedding itself into local communities across London.

Where do you believe the next exciting food hub will be and why?

Having visited Berlin (one of my fave cities) again this summer, I’ve definitely seen quite a significant amount of growth in relation to the food scene there, from the previous time I had visited. There has been a really large boom with consumers exploring not just the german culinary offerings, but also a larger visibility of foreign cuisine in and around the city. It might be due to the influence of the refugee crisis on the general culture of the city itself, but I also think it has a lot to do with growth in other industries which have facilitated higher disposable income and therefore an increase in cultural curiosity.

What are the current trends in the marketplace and do you see this changing anytime soon?

The market is definitely shifting towards a healthier climate. I believe that people are becoming a lot more aware and educated about the positive and negative effects of the way we eat in the developed world. I also think as technology progresses, the choices we make in reference to our lifestyles will only be amplified with all the readily available information that surrounds us, resulting in people searching for a more efficient and more sustainable life. Not only to benefit themselves but to create a positive environment for the future generations to come.

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