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Trends 2021

Tracey Pollard


It was interesting to see Reiss announced they were starting to sell War Paint For Men. The make-up brand which challenges masculine stereotypes will offer its tinted moisturiser, primer, bronzer, concealer and beard and brow gel online and will have in store presence in 15 of Reiss’s UK stores and 3 in New York.

Each year BGP predicate retail and property trends for the following year and back in 2019 we discussed male grooming and the increasing rise of male beauty products and how this might impact retail stores, much to the scepticism of some of our team and clients!

Whilst we don’t always get it spot on, we have always believed in the importance of understanding trends which are shaping society’s future and how they impact the property market.

It’s fair to say with this year’s massive shifts and the accelerations in trends this has never been more important. The team are busy working on our predications for 2021 and if you would like us to present in January  either on line or in person, please contact Layla O’Driscoll.

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