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Lucy Cope


Following the success of their pop up on Duke of York Square, the Lincolnshire born sustainable jewellery brand Daniella Draper have now opened their first standalone store in London on the King’s Road.

“The whole team are so excited to have opened in London and particularly on the King’s Road. To be able to have a physical presence in the South of England is really important to us.”

Many have questioned whether there will be a shift in focus for independent brands post Covid and whether the importance of having a presence in the capital will diminish. The last 12 months has shown that this certainly isn’t the case and the Daniella Draper opening further demonstrates the importance of independent brands having a bricks and mortar presence in London.

Jamie Orme acted on behalf of Daniella Draper, please get in touch with our tenant rep team – Jamie Orme & Thea Rowe if you would like help finding your first site.

As a company we cover a number of affluent neighbourhood instructions, please get in touch with the leasing team if you would like further information.

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