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Amazónico, Madrid

Excellent Jazz and Hangout for Madrid's Glitterati

by Nigel Gillingham


"light lunches and tapas during the day, and fabulous cocktails and top quality jazz at night"

Having learned that these guys are soon to open in London, I felt it necessary to pay them a visit on a recent trip to Madrid – all in the name or research you understand!

Part of the Dogus group, Amazónico opened its doors in the summer of 2016, and has quickly become the beating heart of its neighbourhood, Salamanca in Madrid, drawing in celebrities, socialites and politicians.

A jazz club by night, it cleverly manages to morph from day to night time, providing light lunches and tapas during the day and fabulous cocktails and top quality jazz as the night time kicks in.  Its décor means you literally feel like you’ve entered the jungle!  The food was fantastic: a brilliant fusion of tropical, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, with a generous input of Brazillian influence, from head chef Sandro Silva.

We went in the evening and the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing.   The cocktails were glorious (the tropical fruits are hand selected each day to ensure freshness), there is a sushi bar headed up by renow Japanese sushi chef Ita-Mae Massanori Miyamoto and I loved the open kitchen where I could see the tandoori and other exquisitely authentic cooking methods going on.

Amazónico is a fantastically put together celebration of some of the worlds most exotic and finest cuisines.  It’s due to open on Berkeley Square in London soon and will only add to the glamourous night time offering already available on the square, which includes Sexy Fish and Annabel’s.

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