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Chin Chin, Melbourne

The most successful restaurant Melbourne has ever seen

by Sophie Moorcroft


"The menu range is testament to Ben Cooper's knowledge of Asian flavours"

The next stop on our Australian adventure took us to Melbourne and we were lucky enough to be recommended Chin Chin, a true Asian inspired restaurant located on the iconic Flinders Lane in the heart of the city.  Since it opened in mid 2011 it has been named the most successful restaurant Melbourne has ever seen, and the buzz since the opening has only intensified to make it a local staple as well as a tourist hot spot.

The executive chef Ben Cooper has been part of the Lucas Group for the last seven years, and has worked in London’s Nobu, Nahm, Bluebird and Pharmacy before moving to Melbourne.

The menu range is testament to Ben’s knowledge of Asian flavours and the exquisite menu showcases this, from the pad seuw of braised wagyu beef to sticky tamarind chilli duck salad there is something for everyone.

But the food is not the only reason you visit. The atmosphere as a whole is immersive. One of Australia’s most respected DJs has created playlists and the walls are covered with art from both established and emerging artists.

It is a walk in only policy unless you are lucky enough to have 10 friends. We had a two hour wait which we were told is standard even for a seemingly ‘quiet’ Tuesday night!  I would suggest you put your name down and pass the time with a trip to GOGO’s bar that sits directly underneath. Refined yet edgy, the cocktail menu highlights South East Asian ingredients.

My advice? Get there early and be prepared to wait…and wait, as it really is a Melbourne must try!

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