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Circus, Covent Garden

A Christmas party venue with a kick

by Leanne Bradley


"The venue is synonymous with its surroundings, capturing the theatrical atmosphere of the West End"

It’s that time of year. Christmas feels like a life time away but it’s actually round the corner, the diary is filling up (if not full) and we are tasked with organising festive ‘catch-ups’ with people we hardly ever see or see every single day. Then there is the office party, and finding a venue in London can be a logistical nightmare at the best of times, but at Christmas this pressure intensifies and of course we have all been waiting a year for this?! The usual hideouts are local pubs, bars and restaurants or there’s the elaborate company-wide ball. Let’s face it, whatever the function, we are sometimes forced to spend time with people we wouldn’t otherwise and in uninspiring venues dotted around London.

With this in mind, we recently went on a team night out to ‘Circus’, not the type of circus that would spring to mind but a cool cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant located in the heart of Covent Garden. Not your typical Christmas party scene but definitely one we would recommend. The restaurant boasts an elegant pan Asian menu, whilst the bar offers an extensive and exotic list of cocktails. The venue, glamorous and stylish is synonymous with its surroundings, capturing the theatrical atmosphere of the West End.

During each course there are a range of enticing, exciting acrobatic performances that grip the whole audience. We were sat on the table, or to be precise the actual stage, which meant we felt part of the whole evening. Performers often interact with the onlookers, and it was great to see certain colleagues blush! All in all, this beats the dull set menu or smelly pub next to the office any day and it would be hard not to be subject to lots of fun!

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