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The Ginger Pig

The Ginger Pig has Christmas covered

by Woody Bruce


"Ginger Pig is your old school, quintessential butchers"

Now with seven stores across London and their ‘head office’ in the heart of Yorkshire, The Ginger Pig has fast become one of the most popular butchers in London. Ginger Pig is your old school, quintessential butchers. They give excellent advice, are happy to chat about what to do with various cuts and will always tell you what they think is good value; they offer you that personal experience. Ever since the scandal with the horse meat, why wouldn’t your loyalty be with your local butcher?

With this in mind, what better time to receive the personal treatment than at Christmas when life is at its most hectic. Order over the phone, or in store, deadline for Christmas orders, Wednesday 17th December. Offering Turkey, Goose, Three Bird Roast, Chicken, Cockerel, Duck or Ham and even pigs in blankets and stuffing. Not only can you cater for you family for the duration of the festive period but you can buy gifts from jars of jam and chutneys, to a lesson in butchery excellence for your meat loving relatives. The hands-on butchery classes offer the student a three hour class with advice on how to buy meat and get the best from each cut from Pork and Beef to seasonal Game.

To round off the session you have the chance to discuss the lesson, with your fellow students, over a glass of wine or two and  given your own joints to take home. And whilst your collecting your order for Christmas, why not have one of their renowned Sausage Rolls, I’m told it’s been nicknamed a ‘reverse Gregg’s sausage roll (i.e. its almost ALL meat… unlike Gregg’s), something you can’t pass up on whilst in the shop!

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