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Daniella Draper Jewellery

Founder Daniella Draper

interviewed by Thea Rowe


"I started my business in Cleethorpes selling at local fairs and shops!"

Founded by Daniella in Lincolnshire, Daniella’s jewellery is now worn by the likes of Kate Moss, Ed Sheeran & Chloe Moretz. Daniella Draper Jewellery draws upon inspirations from travel & romance to create a unique range of keepsake jewellery.

What have been the main contributors to your brand’s success?

The main contributor for us has been having a good, wearable product that is ‘current’. Having great imagery is very important for us as well as having a good presence on social media. Thirdly, customer service is also something we value.

How have the mix of operators and the local residents in Cleethorpes had an effect on your business?

I started my business in Cleethorpes selling at local fairs and in local shops so we now have a very strong and loyal following in our area. They enjoy visiting the shop and our long term customers often comment on how they have loved watching us grow as a business. As for local operators we have a lot of independent businesses in our area and we all like to support each other and to ‘buy local’. The local press have also been incredibly supportive, as its always nice to have something exciting and positive to talk about.

What are your current plans for the brand?

At the moment we are planning a big overhaul of our website, to add more products and to make it generally smarter. Our website and imagery is very important to us.

At what point did the idea turn from a concept into a reality?

It was in 2009 just as I had graduated in jewellery design from Central St Martins, and I was unsure whether to stay in London and to work for another jeweller or to move back home and to start my own business. I decided to move home and to give it a go and I haven’t looked back since.

Your product is beautifully designed, how do you ensure consistency as you grow the brand?

We work very hard on our product quality and consistency, especially as it is all handcrafted. I have a great team that works alongside me and between us we have created ways of manufacturing the jewellery to keep its handcrafted charm but also to keep a high quality.

As a young start up, what has been the hardest thing to deal with?

I think being young and having had no business experience particularly with the public has been a rollercoaster. I’ve really had to learn quickly and adapt, as well as dealing with pressure of keeping up with demands and standards of being a reputable business. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way and it’s great to see how far I have come from the shy 21 year who first started out.

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