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The New Craftsmen, Mayfair

Unique Mayfair showroom bringing together a spectrum of modern crafts

by Tracey Pollard


"the bespoke nature of the product means they will last a lifetime"

The New Craftsman launched in December 2012 and brings Artisan products from across the UK to a central showroom in North Row, Mayfair. Representing over 75 makers, the showroom hosts emerging designers and skills from a range of textiles, silverware, furniture and ceramics.

Many of the products are limited editions or you can commission your own work. There is a regular events programme from hand weaving and textile design to chocolate tasting, allowing the development of your own skills.

Reflecting our desire for heritage, quality and the growing trend to understanding where products are sourced and crafted. The New Craftsmen is a wonderful source of inspiration and although pieces are expensive, the bespoke nature of the product means they will last a lifetime and offer continued pleasure.

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