Cagliari, Sardinia

Traditional, yet captivating retail experience in Sardinia
by Rupert Bentley-Smith

Viewed and spoken about as a ‘laboratory’, Loredana Mandas’ shop in Cagliari is somewhere for people to watch and experience the fascinating process of her creating hand-made jewellery typical of Sardinia’s history and the island’s deep craft traditions. One of the few filigree jewellery artisans in southern Sardinia, the shop window is totally overwhelmed by unique pieces of artwork from traditional jewellery to geometric motifs, pendants, earrings and rings embellished with precious and semi-precious stones.

Loredana Mandas’ shop is a must for those who appreciate high-quality, handmade jewellery and want to see genuine Sardinian craftsmanship. In an appealingly old fashioned way, Loredana lives above the shop and so ring the bell and wait for her to appear for a personal and bespoke service.

Although without the obvious majesty of our own Burlington Arcade, it’s somewhere that continues to operate in a way that is very familiar to how our London arcades started out life, with the leaseholders living above or below the shop (6 of whom where women), sharing the space with their stock, and illustrating their expertise in front of the customer. Loredana Mandas’ store succeeds in transporting people back to a time when people genuinely lived and breathed their crafts in an environment that has natural theatre with “soft sell” retailing reliant on the customer falling for the product and its provenance.

Hudson Yards, New York

Hudson Yards opens in phases from 2017 and includes 14 acres of public realm

by Nigel Gillingham

Badeschiff, Berlin

A slice of Ibiza in the heart of Berlin

by Tracey Pollard

Set behind a rundown warehouse on the Eastern banks of the Spree in Berlin is an area which could still be referred to as “up and coming”; Badeschiff – a floating swimming pool and sauna, with a cool bar, deck area and DJ. Badeschiff, first opened in 2004 and was…

KaDeWe, Berlin

The largest department store in continental Europe

by Tracey Pollard

The Kaufhaus des Westerns, abbreviated to KaDeWe, is the largest department store in continental Europe. With over 60,000 square metres, trading over 8 floors, it attracts 40 – 50,000 people a day. Whilst full of the typical cosmetics, fashion and homewares you would associate within a world class department store,…

The Rum Kitchen, London

A great example of a restaurant working well on a first floor inward facing scheme

by Victoria Broadhead

Having been to The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill, I was excited to try out their newest restaurant. Located on the first floor of Kingly Court in Carnaby Village, The Rum Kitchen is situated in a corner without very much else up there. Despite this, booking a table, especially in…

Springer Spaniel, Launceston

Traditional Cornish pub from a former Mastechef winner
by Woody Bruce

On the Launceston to Plymouth road is a new venture by Anton Piotrowski, the 2012 winner of Masterchef and his head chef Ali who have been working together for the past 10 years. Eight of us went for a  family lunch on bank holiday Saturday.

From the outside it feels very much like a traditional Cornish pub but the food is why you go here though, it was great. Stylish, simple food with great flavours and the odd pleasurable twist. The duck pancakes were particularly good, as was the steak suet pudding. The service was fantastic and the lovely staff brought the kids’ lunch within seconds along with some great wine and local beer.

The whole family left happy, even Grandad who picked up the very reasonable bill.  As my banker brother-in-law pointed out, “when you factor in the pricing in comparison to a quality London restaurant, this place is off the chart!”  The outskirts of Launceston just got a little better!

Bounce, London

A hip table tennis club and social entertainment experience

by Victoria Broadhead

Zorlu Center, Istanbul

Superb public realm and an enviable tenant mix in this Turkish shopping centre.

by Nigel Gillingham

Torvehallernekbh, Copenhagen

A great example of a modern food market

by Tracey Pollard

As a complete foodie I was keen to visit Torvehallernekbh, which is Copenhagen’s answer to London’s Borough Market or Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel. Covering some 70,000 sq ft, the market is split into two glass structures, with over 80 stalls inside the building and within a central piazza between…

Mud Dock, Bristol

Cycle shop meets restaurant - a Bristol institution

by Victoria Broadhead

Long before it was fashionable to serve a latte in a bike shop, Mud Dock combined great food and drinks with a high quality cycle shop. Over the last 10 years, the concept has evolved and now includes a deli selling jam and chutney, a bike shed allowing you to…

Omotesando Hills, Tokyo

A mecca for shopping in Tokyo

by Tracey Pollard

The area around Omotesando Hills is a mecca for shopping, specifically the surrounding side streets adjacent to the main retail street, where international architects have designed world class buildings for the world’s top fashion brands. Omotesando has more buildings designed by world class architects than any other neighbourhood in the…

Marunouchi, Tokyo

First class public realm creates a calm, relaxed, atmosphere so contrasted to the rest of Tokyo
by Tracey Pollard

Mitsubishi have over 120 years’ ownership in Tokyo’s central business district and now own over 30 mixed use buildings within the 120 hectares that make up Marunouchi. Mitsubishi have proactively engaged in maximising the retail and restaurants elements of their development which include internal malls, so common with the rest of Asia.

However, it is the external  retail units where I think the retail is at its most successful, as they have combined first class public realm, soft landscaping, wide pavements and external seating to create a calm relaxed atmosphere so contrasted to the rest of Tokyo. This high quality environment is further enhanced as each building has been individually designed, using a range of materials.

This has created an environment where retailers have adopted  individual styles at both ground and first floor, providing maximum impact and emphasising their brand. Key brands such as Hermes, Paul Smith, Comme de Garson, Jo Malone, and Burberry are all represented within the mix but located adjacent to restaurants and cafés which help drive footfall and helps create a more organic feel.

Bristol Lido

The oldest surviving Lido in the UK

Rupert Bentley-Smith

Six d.o.g.s Garden, Athens

An amazing subterranean urban hang out

by Mike Ingall

The great thing about economic disruption is that the creatives get to have a say and none more so than in Athens where the green shoots in the F&B world have reached this once great City. The area around Monastiraki on the way to Psirri is starting to resemble the…

Mamma Agata cookery school, Ravello

An authentic cookery school overlooking the lemon groves

by Rupert Bentley-Smith

Cookery schools both at home and abroad have become hugely prevalent alongside an explosion in popularity of all things food. These can range from a 45 minute course that’s possible to take in during a lunch hour, to detailed high-end corporate evenings preparing five course Michelin Star food. In the…